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Dr. Macdonald's Personal Testimonial


Sleep Well, Live Well!

I had been a long-time sufferer of snoring with moderate sleep apnea, but the problem just didn’t seem severe enough for me to be inconvenienced by wearing a CPAP nightly, or undergo a major surgery. Then, I got engaged, and my wife-to-be let me know that my snoring was leaving her sleep-deprived and moody. Once we started living together, she was dealing with the sleep disruption every night and it was taking its toll. I wanted her to be happy so, I thought I'd take the time to make my own appointment to help myself in ways I normally help my patients.

I had the Pillar® Procedure performed in 2006, to which I noticed immediate improvement, which increased over the 2 weeks to follow. I find I’m less drowsy, more alert and energetic during the day because I’m getting better more restful sleep. My wife says my snoring is all but gone unless I have a bad cold or drink more than one glass of red wine for the evening. Anyway, I feel better and so does she…and she doesn’t have to move to the guest room in the middle of the night. Happy wife, happy life! Sleep well, live well!

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